Pollution warnings and pollen allergies

Me, or should  say my body (mostly my nose) do not agree with the weather in London. Especially not when we got pollution warnings and a heap of the Sahara desert coming by for a visit. Yeah, that’s right, the Sahara desert.  Quite fascinating really that sand can travel that far, just to mess up my head with allergies, and I will blame my sore throat on you too, as they said that people with asthma and so on might have a difficult time when you decided to come by for a cup of tea.

This means, I haven’t done anything important today like, study for my next assignments etc. As my head feels like it’s full of a mixture of feathers and heavy stones, or possibly a very large pillow or even a duvet. Great. Thanks.

I’m really looking forward to get home to Sweden over Easter for some fresh air instead of this London Smog.

Over and out.






London living

Personally I feel that London sometimes is way to big for me. I’m used to small(er) places where I actually have a clue of what I can find behind the next corner. Maybe that is why I find London quite surprising every now and again.

The other week for example, me and my boyfriend went to Covent Garden one evening to meet up with his cousin and her husband. While waiting, we went for a walk along Neal Street where you can find lovely shops like a Dr Martens store, a Tea shop I don’t know the name of and the Natural Shoe shop(I think it’s called). Anyway, this is one of my favorite streets in London, and while walking down we found something we hadn’t seen before; a fast food restaurant called Just FalafelImage At home we are eating mainly veggie so a fast food place that’s not burgers or chicken felt like something for us. Unfortunately it was closed that night, but a few days later I went back(not just for the falafels..) and it was open so I decided to try some. Oh my, it was absolutely DELICIOUS!! Apparently they had only been open for two weeks when I was there (so about a month by now), but it seemed to go well.

So I would just like to say, that if you are visiting London Town, and are heading for Covent Garden, take a stroll up Neal Street and get yourself some delicious falafels at Just Falafel. Their menu is not to complicated, mainly it’s Just Falafel with different salads and sauces. Image


Linnéa x


Happy New Year everyone!

I’m back in London after 10 days home in Sweden visiting my family along with the Boyfriend. It was lovely to see them all and I really enjoyed the proper winter weather with loads of snow! A winter as it should be.

For Christmas I got quite a lot of different things; cutlery, handmade mugs by my mum, Ikea gift card, tea light holders, some fabric and a Kindle Touch. The last ones got me into creating mood of course. I have decided to make my very own Kindle cover to protect it and make it look nice. So far I have been looking around on the internet to try to find a good guide on how to make one, and got ideas from quite a few.

I have also been working on a new pair of handwarmers, they are turning out rather nicely. I will upload some of my projects under the Project page on my blog as soon as possible.

Until then, take care and enjoy the new year!

Love xx

Walking in a winter wonderland


Picture taken by me last winter at my mums 🙂

On Friday we will finally step on our flight home to Sweden! I really cannot wait to see my family, introduce my boyfriend (as they haven’t met him even though we have been together over a year!!), bake cakes, prepare food, chat with my mum, cuddle with my sisters and the cats, drink tea in front of the fire. Yes, I really cannot wait!


London is not giving me that Christmas feel that I want/need at the moment, as it is about 10 degrees warm outside…not cold. The other day it felt like spring!! Only thing that reminds me about Christmas is the wrapped up presents that I’m putting into my suitcase to bring to my family. Although, I must admit, that walking up and down Regent street and Oxford street and see the Christmas lights made me feel like a child inside. It was absolutely beautiful!

But now, I really need to clean up our messy room, pack my suitcase and have another cup of my Christmassy tea 🙂


I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and I hope you spend it with lovely people, and that you get to take a stroll through a real winter wonderland!


Love xx


All you knit is love


I’ve been knitting for about 8 years now, I would guess. And I can’t help laughing when I see people’s very surprised faces when I take up a a project and start knitting in public spaces (buses, trains, Uni, etc.). I know that I’m far from the youngest knitter around with my 20 years, but some still seem to believe that knitting is something old people do.

This weekend when I was working in a wool shop in Islington, London, I had a customer who was 12 years old. She had been knitting for a few years she said and would really like to start knitting a jumper! I was very impressed I must say. I’ve been thinking about the same thing for quite some time now but still haven’t decided if I should start one. Just to let you know, I have about 5 knitting projects on-going at this very moment. You know, for those days when you don’t feel like knitting socks, a scarf is better or maybe a hat for a loved one. Yep, that’s how I do it.

A big problem I have though is that I tend to buy quite a lot of new wool which I don’t really know what to do with, and it’s just lying there. I think that it’s part of the creating process though. You have the wool, but you don’t want to rush into making something and instead you have an inspiration and dreaming phase when you can just look at things that others have made, feel the wool, take in it’s colour and then, one day, you have an idea of what you want to make and you sit down and you do it.

I don’t know about you, but I like to look at other peoples pictures and patterns before I decide what to do and I’ve also found the perfect site to do this on. Ravelry is the knitters and crocheters version of facebook. Here you can find patters, look at others projects, get help with all your queries about knitting, crocheting, pattern abbreviations and so on. If you’re not on it already, sign up! It is completely free and absolutely great!